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   money  Software Development and Consulting Services

   Allentium Software has a history of providing excellent computer consulting services
   at competitive rates. All work is guaranteed.

  Software Development $80.00 per hour

  Firmware Development (C, Assembler, device drivers, etc.) $90.00 per hour

Embedded Linux and RTOS Development (custom kernel, system daemons, etc.) $85.00 per hour

Analysis, Research and Design $90.00 per hour

Oracle DBA or MySQL DBA $70.00 per hour

Software Development Manager $110 per hour

From device drivers to full stack Information Systems, Allentium Software can do it all.

All rates are in Canadian dollars.
Customer pays for any travel expenses if needed.
Please contact Allentium Software to discuss contract details.

Allentium Software Contributes to Open Source

Allentium Software invented "Truly Open Source" in 1991 by posting code snippets on its corporate BBS. Today, Allentium Software gives free source code in a truly open fashion.
Here is a tiny sample that you can copy from, paste and try it, and use it in your programs freely if you want to.
--------copy from belown here--------

    This tiny C program tests if your system is 64 bit or not.
    Author: Allentium Software, by Darcy Allen of Canada

    License: Truly Open Source
    "Truly Open Source License Agreement:
     This is truly open source. You are free to copy this source code
     and use it anyway that you want to. You do not have to redistribute
     your modifications to anyone. You have the freedom to use this
     truly open source in commercial software, to earn money from sales
     of the binary runtime files from this source and/or from the
     source code itself, and you have the right to convert this
     into your own closed source if you want to.
     You do not have to include this License Agreement anywhere, anytime.
     You shall not expect bug fixes nor enhancements to your copy of this
     source code. The author is not responsible for any problems or damages done
     as a result of you using this source code. Use it freely at your own risk."

    1. build this on your MAC, Unix, or Linux computer with the built-in compile-link command:
       gcc test64.c

    2. run it:

    3. Look at the output. If you have 64 bit hardware and O/S, you will see this:
Number 1 = 2147483647
Number 2 = 2147483647
Number 3 = 4294967294
added Number 1 again, Number 3 = 6442450941
sizeof(char,int,long,double) in bytes = 1 4 8 8 System is 64 bit

    A 32 bit platform will show this:
Number 1 = 2147483647
Number 2 = 2147483647
Number 3 = -2
added Number 1 again, Number 3 = 2147483645
sizeof(char,int,long,double) in bytes = 1 4 4 8 System is 32 bit
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int main()
  int iSizeOfLong = 0;
  long lNumber1 = 0L;
  long lNumber2 = 0L;
  long lNumber3 = 0L;
  char szResult[18];  // longest="not 64 nor 32 bit" NOTE: if this string changes, update the string size

    lNumber1 = 0x7FFFFFFF;
    lNumber2 = 0x7FFFFFFF;
    lNumber3 = lNumber1 + lNumber2;
    printf( "test64\nNumber 1 = %ld\nNumber 2 = %ld\nNumber 3 = %ld\n",
        lNumber1, lNumber2, lNumber3 );
    lNumber3 = lNumber3 + lNumber1;
    iSizeOfLong = sizeof(long);
    if ( iSizeOfLong == 8 )
        strcpy( szResult, "System is 64 bit" );
        if ( iSizeOfLong == 4 )
            strcpy( szResult, "System is 32 bit" );
            strcpy( szResult, "not 64 nor 32 bit" );
    printf( "added Number 1 again, Number 3 = %ld\nsizeof(char,int,long,double) in bytes = %d %d %d %d %s\n",
        lNumber3, sizeof(char), sizeof(int), sizeof(long), sizeof(double), szResult );
    return( 0 );

--------copy to above here--------

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