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Looking for an Inventory Management System for your product distribution business? Check out our Inventory Management System.

Are you operating a direct sales business? Have you ever wanted to be creative and competitive with your sales compensation plan? Try our sales and marketing system, The Networker, and give your hard working distributors great reasons to stay with your company.

Tech Support, Product Returns, Etc.

For any support needs, please contact Allentium Software by email: support (at)

Also see the COMPANY page for more information.

Allentium Software is all about quality software solutions.

We are proud to announce that there has only been 1 (one) product return since 1988. We truly deliver quality computer software and firmware.

Most of our products offer a free trial version. Our track record has proven that our software solutions are solid and reliable. Most of our software packages offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Do you need any custom software development done? Let the decades of professional experience help your company or get your new idea off the ground. Some of the expertise within Allentium Software include:

    Embedded Linux



    Specialized Extended Linux Kernels

    Linux GUI Applications

    Web 2.0

    Information Systems

    Android platform application development

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