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   Allentium Software is a privately held company, debt free, and has been operating since 1988.

  Allentium Software has successfully delivered numerous software solutions to companies both large and small.

To Contact Allentium Software

email:   info @ allentiumsoftware . com

mailing address:

Allentium Software
950 Sicamore Drive
Kamloops, BC
V2B 6S2

office phone number:

(403) 457 - 6832

Allentium Software founder: Mr. Darcy Allen

The founder and principle owner is Mr. Darcy Allen  Darcy Allen  who has been running Allentium Software since 1988.

Darcy has a knack for computer programming and believes it is his "magnificent obsession".

There have been many occasions where Darcy has been called the following nick-name:
perfectly perfect

Some Historical Milestones
of Allentium Software:

2003 Build In The Black version 2 started selling.
2002 Build In The Black version 1 started selling.
1998 First Beta version of Build In The Black was ready. Many Beta Testers signed up and were helping to create the user interface and reports.
1996 Company name changed from Creative Innovations to Allentium Software.
1996 Build In The Black is a new idea that was launched in order to serve the needs of General Contractors and Spec Home builders in Western Canada.
1995 Networker system version 2 started selling.
1994 Networker system version 1 started selling.
1992 Inventory system version 1 started selling.
1988 Creative Innovations started

Allentium Software is an ethical and equal opportunity company.

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