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  The Networker

   This is a complete information system that runs a small to medium

   sized direct sales business.

   A business of this nature is sometimes referred to as

   "Multi - Level Marketing"  or  "Network Marketing".

Note: this system has nothing to do with any scams, nor "pyramid schemes".  This is a legitimate and legal software system that enables you to run a company that compensates its distributors via a marketing plan and compensation plan.

This system is proven, and has been used for running many successful network marketing companies.
It includes:
    a compensation plan simulator, so that you can project and see what kinds of sponsering cause what kinds of payouts
    tracking sales
    tracking sponsering
    printing marketing plan distributor cheques
    printing the downline reports for each distributor (complete sponsorship chains and relationships)

Why Network Marketing?

Let's face it. There are plenty of ways to make money and lot's of it, however, you can't mess with duplication or leverage. Why is it that McDonalds is so successful when their burgers are not of the same quality as other restaurants? Why do they outsell their competition by 100 to 1? The answer is duplication.

The whole network marketing model was formed around a franchise business model.

There are only three ways you can earn income. You are either going to trade your time for dollars (a job), have time work for you (owning several franchises), or you're going to earn a passive income off of investments (trading money for money).

Over the years, Network Marketing got a bad rap all because of a small number of people who abused the system. Unfortunately the word has been past down to today's generation. The other sad thing is that our education system doesn't teach anything about time leveraging other than in the finance world in which it takes money to make money, so the majority of people don't go down that road and end up doing what they have been taught all of their life to do. Go to school, get and education and go to work for a large company.

In network marketing your not dealing with brick and mortar store fronts. Your dealing with people. The fact is, most people have an employee mindset and not that of an entrepreneur. They want to be told what to do and are very comfortable with that. There is nothing wrong with it, however, you will only get so far financially.

The idea is that you build a team of independent business owners within your network marketing organization that can stand on their own and are duplicating their business over and over again. Now you have leverage. Leverage is the most powerful thing one can have. It provides time.

In reality, we are all after more time, not money. Money is merely a tool to buy time. The more money you have, the more time you have, unless your trading time for money.

There is no "get rich quick" in Network Marketing. It takes just as much work as building any business, except the financial investment is much lower than a traditional franchise. Instead of spending a few hundred thousand to a few million, you can get started for one to twenty thousand, invest your time and energy and produce a legacy.

Please visit this page in the future for more information and to see screenshots of this system.

The cost is a one time fee of $2,995.00 CDN.

This includes the installation CD, assistance with setup and configuration, and tech support for 60 days.

Allentium Software means quality.

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